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What is the European Union’s role in the third millennium geopolitical environment in Sub-Saharan Africa?

What are Rural Development Policies in Tanzania? In agriculture they are considered a driver for the development of the entire Country System.

What can be created from convergence and cooperation in an African model nation such as The United Republic of Tanzania and the European Vision 2014-2020 in East Africa.

This book represents a useful compendium for political scientists and professionals, scholars of the African continent and the evolution of bilateral relations with Europe. It is for those who are interested in updating and deepening the dynamics and characteristics of the European Union’s Foreign Policy and Rural Development Policies in Tanzania and their evolution within the East Africa Community.

This present research work Rural Development Policies in Sub-Saharan Africa and Cooperation with the European Union: The United Republic of Tanzania has been published to celebrate the tenth anniversary in 2017 of the Joint Africa-European Union Strategy. The author believes in the modernisation of African agriculture, which also goes beyond understanding the policies and their formation. This research work clearly describes the two protagonists the European Union and Tanzania and their respective policies: 2 Visions 1 Future.